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Tag: techno

  • Project 87 (instrumentals)

    Project 87 (instrumentals)

    Another 120bpm addition to the collection. Pro tools 10 stock, A1TriggerGate and iZotope’s Ozone. All poorly implemented, but you get the idea. A conversation interrupted is what comes to mind when listening to this arrangement. Hope you enjoy.

  • Hungry for some more

    Hungry for some more

    Doesn’t sound exactly like the noise in my head but here you go. A 120 bpm arrangement featuring the tone deaf and repetitive lyrics for your listening pleasure. Hope you enjoy

  • Project 86

    Project 86

    Something I’ve been playing with. Not much but is ok, 120 bpm, easy and lazy.

  • Project 81 (instrumentals)

    Project 81 (instrumentals)

    Yep, I just love me some 120 bpm. Really not sure where I was going with track, though I am pleased with the results. Hope you enjoy.

  • bang bang

    bang bang

    Bang bang: A little track about rage. Feels good man. About 120 bpm and just over 3 mins of some OK composition. Terrible vocals contributed by that tone deaf fool. Pro Tools 10 as the DAW. Rage (often called fury or frenzy) is a feeling of intense, violent, or growing anger. It is sometimes associated

  • Project 79 (instrumentals)

    Project 79 (instrumentals)

    The instrumentals. Just in case the vocals hurt. Thanks for listening.