All a lie

One for the new year. Clocking in at about 180 bpm, mellow pop track featuring terrible vocals from that tone deaf fool. Something about lies. Mostly nonsense and whatnot. Apologies in advance for that guitar riff. It sucks….I know. Hope you enjoy anyways. Might be relatedGirls on my mindSolidProject 81Beastbang bang

Doing Wrong

This one is oh so wrong it should be right. Presenting more pop-ism/reggae-ism/easy listening-ism/cheesy-ism. Accompanied by jarring vocals from that tone deaf baffoon. About 130 BPM. Key (really not sure). Repetitive chorus and verse with ad libs randomly thrown into for giggles. Hope you enjoy. Might be relatedLast CallGirls on my mindSolidProject 81Beast