Originals & rebrixes for your cringing pleasure

Tag: pop

  • New Money

    New Money

    Based on instruments used in tracks like Mary Jane Is My Girl About 130 BPM. Key: don’t know 🙁 Track starts as “Cheesy dub”. Transitions to “Cheesy Pop”. Vocal contributions from that tone deaf fool just babbling on about that  money Do hope you enjoy.

  • Doing Wrong

    Doing Wrong

    This one is oh so wrong it should be right.Presenting more pop-ism/reggae-ism/easy listening-ism/cheesy-ism.Accompanied by jarring vocals from that tone deaf buffoon. About 130 BPM. Key (really not sure). Repetitive chorus and verse with ad libs randomly thrown into for giggles. Hope you enjoy.

  • Could’a Felt Good

    Could’a Felt Good

    Dark upbeat offerings. Some pop-ism/trap-ism/trip hop-ism mixed with rampant reference to a “dark side” About 160 BPM. That tone deaf fool dropping all kinds of nonsense vocals from all kinds of made up octaves. Sounds ok. Hope you enjoy.

  • Miss Lady

    Miss Lady

    She is the one. Little /pop/r&b-ish/can’t finish/. About 180 BPM. Key…still no fuqing idea. That Tone deaf fool offering some more vocal love. Enjoy

  • Just a little bit off…

    Just a little bit off…

    Another crappy pop/reggae/something. About 180 BPM. Key…no idea. Vocals from that Tone deaf fool. Roughly 2+ mins of  garbage lyrics. Enjoy download

  • Marisol Angelique-Still Not Sorry, a hipster re-brix

    Marisol Angelique-Still Not Sorry, a hipster re-brix

    An attempt at remastering the track. Adjusted base tuning and add variations. More filters. Not perfect, but a better listen.