Originals & rebrixes for your cringing pleasure

Tag: pop

  • Zoom

    175 BPM thing with a wobble wobble section, accompanied by lyrics and vocals from Sir Can’t Sing For Shit. Derived from Project Ninety Two. Enjoy.

  • project-93-mp3-image

    Project 93 (instrumentals)

    A dance pop type thing staggering in at about 120 BPM. I’m sure you’ve heard worse, hope you at least find useful. Enjoy.

  • View from a hill


    Dwarf Fortress drove me to build this one and I am so so sorry. Not only was that sandbox a blast, the opening Tarn Adams melody became a something of an obsession for a while, then this thing happened. Hope you enjoy.

  • Young Bread fruits and a leaf


    Another goofy 128 BPM abomination for you to cringe to. Vocals and ad libs from that tone def fool, layered on top of Project 89.

  • Project 89 intrumentals

    Proof I have no idea what I’m doing. Had plans to drop some vocals but decided nah. End result is another OK project for your listening pleasure. Featuring the Sitala – Free drum kit via Elements Modular Plugin Host on ProTools 10. A tad bit unstable, but works nonetheless. Hope you find interesting.

  • Emilyn – Shelter

    Emilyn’s cover of Porter Robinson’s – Shelter, layered on top of Project 88. Vocals by Emilyn.Soundcloud: emilynmusicInstagram: emilynsuSample: https://www.looperman.com/acapellas/detail/15029/shelter-100bpm-edm-acapella

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