Dreaddymcks Hima (-■_■)

Originals & rebrixes for your cringing pleasure.

Tag: instrumentals

  • Project 95

    Project 95

    170 BPM EDM dance instrumental track. Sounds a little better. Hope you enjoy

  • Project 93

    Project 93

    A dance pop type thing staggering in at about 120 BPM. I’m sure you’ve heard worse, hope you at least find useful. Enjoy.

  • Project 90

    Project 90

    Not sure what to call this, but it clocks in at 140 BPM, no vocals yet and cheesy A.F. Hope you find useful, thanks for listening

  • Project 89 intrumentals

    Project 89 intrumentals

    Proof I have no idea what I’m doing. Had plans to drop some vocals but decided nah. End result is another OK project for your listening pleasure. Featuring the Sitala – Free drum kit via Elements Modular Plugin Host on ProTools 10. A tad bit unstable, but works nonetheless. Hope you find interesting.

  • Project 88

    Project 88

    Inspiration a challenge to come by these days. This crap is all I got right now. Had to learn the DAW plus stock instruments all over again. End result, this little dance pop thingy. Hope you find useful.

  • Project 87

    Project 87

    Another 120bpm addition to the collection. Pro tools 10 stock, A1TriggerGate and iZotope’s Ozone. All poorly implemented, but you get the idea. A conversation interrupted is what comes to mind when listening to this arrangement. Hope you enjoy.