Originals & rebrixes for your cringing pleasure

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  • Project 90

    Project 90

    Not sure what to call this, but it clocks in at 140 BPM, no vocals yet and cheesy A.F. Hope you find useful, thanks for listening



    Another goofy 128 BPM abomination for you to cringe to. Vocals and ad libs from that tone def fool, layered on top of Project 89.

  • Project 87 (instrumentals)

    Project 87 (instrumentals)

    Another 120bpm addition to the collection. Pro tools 10 stock, A1TriggerGate and iZotope’s Ozone. All poorly implemented, but you get the idea. A conversation interrupted is what comes to mind when listening to this arrangement. Hope you enjoy.

  • Hungry for some more

    Hungry for some more

    Doesn’t sound exactly like the noise in my head but here you go. A 120 bpm arrangement featuring the tone deaf and repetitive lyrics for your listening pleasure. Hope you enjoy

  • Last Call

    Last Call

    Another stone cold lazy production for your cringing pleasure. 85 BPM and still no clue what key. Looking at another default hip hop beat layered with questionable instruments and “please make it stop” vocals from that tone deaf fool. Rolling Pro tools 10 with default plugins and a healthy dose of delusion.Hope you enjoy.

  • Project 81 (instrumentals)

    Project 81 (instrumentals)

    Yep, I just love me some 120 bpm. Really not sure where I was going with track, though I am pleased with the results. Hope you enjoy.