Dreaddymcks Hima ಠ_ಠ

Originals & rebrixes for your cringing pleasure.

Tag: hip hop

  • Last Call

    Last Call

    Another stone cold lazy production for your cringing pleasure. 85 BPM and still no clue what key. Looking at another default hip hop beat layered with questionable instruments and “please make it stop” vocals from that tone deaf fool. Rolling Pro tools 10 with default plugins and a healthy dose of delusion.Hope you enjoy.

  • Project 79 (instrumentals)

    Project 79 (instrumentals)

    The instrumentals. Just in case the vocals hurt. Thanks for listening.

  • “Arm me” days

    “Arm me” days

    Strolling in at about 80 bpm. A lazy hip hop thing built around a simple hook. Featuring off key vocals from the one and only tone deaf fool. Hope you enjoy.

  • Lonely


    High energy, low quality dance track featuring stock hip hop beats. Crawling in at about 95 bpm spilling repetitive off key vocal along the way. Produced using that frustrating to implement Pro Tools 10. Hope you enjoy.

  • Marisol Angelique-Still Not Sorry, a hipster re-brix

    Marisol Angelique-Still Not Sorry, a hipster re-brix

    An attempt at remastering the track. Adjusted base tuning and add variations. More filters. Not perfect, but a better listen.

  • Mary Jane is my girl

    Mary Jane is my girl

    This track is about 170 BPM. Key is F. Trap, Reggae based with some goofy ad libs. Instruments based on tutorial from Busyworksbeats. Hope you enjoy.