Originals & rebrixes for your cringing pleasure

Tag: dreaddymck

  • Girls on my mind

    Girls on my mind

    108 BPM, pop track. Key: no idea and Pro Tools 10 to the best of my abilities. Hope you enjoy regardless.

  • Solid


    Solid, yet not so much, A stumble back in to the music scene with some more crap. Sorry about that. 🙁 Hell if I know what key though the guitars ‘n vocals are ok I think, straddling that lazy 105 bpm, nothing the young ones will appreciates. Still hope you find useful.

  • Project 81 (instrumentals)

    Project 81 (instrumentals)

    Yep, I just love me some 120 bpm. Really not sure where I was going with track, though I am pleased with the results. Hope you enjoy.

  • Beast


    A little story about a beast. Slogging in at about 110BPM. God awful vocals from that tone deaf fool with mildly improved composition and arrangements. Still playing around with Protools 10 as the DAW. Apologies for that guitar solo. Thanks for listening.

  • bang bang

    bang bang

    Bang bang: A little track about rage. Feels good man. About 120 bpm and just over 3 mins of some OK composition. Terrible vocals contributed by that tone deaf fool. Pro Tools 10 as the DAW. Rage (often called fury or frenzy) is a feeling of intense, violent, or growing anger. It is sometimes associated

  • the noonie

    the noonie

    This Goofy dance track for your cringing pleasure.About 100bpm and just under 3 mins of your life wasted. Probably better off with the instrumentals below. NoonieA wet but beautiful place which is best shared with someone you loveA female’s sexual organ– Paul February 14, 2004 Thanks for listening. Hope you find it useful.