Originals & rebrixes for your cringing pleasure

Tag: dance

  • Project 78 (Instrumentals)

    Project 78 (Instrumentals)

    Posting this one by itself. Writing this text because content. Is as cheesy as one might expect. Sorry Hope you enjoy.

  • She having fun I think

    She having fun I think

    Lazy dance/pop track. 100bpm. Vocals mostly chorus. Protools 10 instruments used: Boom, Xpand, Vacuum, Mini Grand. Nothing fancy really. Still hope you enjoy.

  • Project 75

    Project 75

    A beat. Not sure what genre. About 90 bpm. No idea what key. Hard hitting snares and kicks if you are into that kind of stuff. Not really Hip Hop but close. Hope you enjoy.

  • Lonely


    High energy, low quality dance track featuring stock hip hop beats. Crawling in at about 95 bpm spilling repetitive off key vocal along the way. Produced using that frustrating to implement Pro Tools 10. Hope you enjoy.

  • New Money

    New Money

    Based on instruments used in tracks like Mary Jane Is My Girl About 130 BPM. Key: don’t know 🙁 Track starts as “Cheesy dub”. Transitions to “Cheesy Pop”. Vocal contributions from that tone deaf fool just babbling on about that  money Do hope you enjoy.

  • Miss Lady

    Miss Lady

    She is the one. Little /pop/r&b-ish/can’t finish/. About 180 BPM. Key…still no fuqing idea. That Tone deaf fool offering some more vocal love. Enjoy