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Tag: dance

  • Aiva – So Good

    Aiva – So Good

    Aiva Vocal Pack samples layered on Project 95, another EDM, 170BPM instrumental dance track. It’s a fun listen, give it a shot or don’t Hope you enjoy anyways.

  • Zoom


    175 BPM thing with a wobble wobble section, accompanied by lyrics and vocals from Sir Can’t Sing For Shit. Derived from Project Ninety Two. Enjoy.

  • Project 93 (instrumentals)

    Project 93 (instrumentals)

    A dance pop type thing staggering in at about 120 BPM. I’m sure you’ve heard worse, hope you at least find useful. Enjoy.

  • Emilyn – Shelter

    Emilyn – Shelter

    Emilyn’s cover of Porter Robinson’s – Shelter, layered on top of Project 88. Vocals by Emilyn.Soundcloud: emilynmusicInstagram: emilynsuSample

  • Project 88 (instrumentals)

    Project 88 (instrumentals)

    Inspiration a challenge to come by these days. This crap is all I got right now. Had to learn the DAW plus stock instruments all over again. End result, this little dance pop thingy. Hope you find useful.

  • Girls on my mind

    Girls on my mind

    108 BPM, pop track. Key: no idea and Pro Tools 10 to the best of my abilities. Hope you enjoy regardless.