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Originals & rebrixes for your cringing pleasure.

Tag: 180bpm

  • Inevitable


    Dwarf Fortress drove me to build this one and I am so so sorry. Not only was that sandbox a blast, the opening Tarn Adams melody became a something of an obsession for a while, then this thing happened. Hope you enjoy.

  • All a lie

    All a lie

    One for the new year. Clocking in at about 180 bpm, mellow pop track featuring terrible vocals from that tone deaf fool. Something about lies. Mostly nonsense and whatnot. Apologies in advance for that guitar riff. It sucks….I know. Hope you enjoy anyways.

  • Miss Lady

    Miss Lady

    She is the one. Little /pop/r&b-ish/can’t finish/. About 180 BPM. Key…still no fuqing idea. That Tone deaf fool offering some more vocal love. Enjoy

  • Just a little bit off…

    Just a little bit off…

    Another crappy pop/reggae/something. About 180 BPM. Key…no idea. Vocals from that Tone deaf fool. Roughly 2+ mins of  garbage lyrics. Enjoy download

  • Got to run

    Got to run

    Pop/reggae-ish here again. A Silly 4+ mins track dedicated to telling someone about a pending exit. Go creativity. About 180 bpm. A-Maj (I think). Hope you enjoy.