Originals & rebrixes for your cringing pleasure

Tag: 130BPM

  • Now you know

    Old school dub. Some groove. Featuring vocalism from that tone deaf fool. About 130 BPM. Key: A # minor (I think) The featured images is a pumpkin flower. For no reason whatsoever. Enjoy.

  • New Money

    Based on instruments used in tracks like Mary Jane Is My Girl About 130 BPM. Key: don’t know 🙁 Track starts as “Cheesy dub”. Transitions to “Cheesy Pop”. Vocal contributions from that tone deaf fool just babbling on about that  money Do hope you enjoy.

  • Marisol Angelique-Still Not Sorry, a hipster re-brix

    An attempt at remastering the track. Adjusted base tuning and add variations. More filters. Not perfect, but a better listen.

  • Spelljammer Why ft YBigg

    Vocals from: Spelljammer – Why YBigg – I born Acapella Adapted to Project 41 Hope you enjoy.

  • Still not sorry – ft Marisol Angelique & Beat Boyz

    Marisol Angelique – Still Not Sorry – Mynt – via George VectorFeaturing Beat Boyz – Hands UpSoundcloud discovery. Fascinating vocals. Adapted to the om nom bounce track. semi-cinematic dub arrangement. Beat Boyz hands up for support.