Real Time

This poor interpretation of the 80’s pop, rock genre. Jogging in at lazy 110 bpm. Repetitive off-key vocals and whatnot thanks to that tone deaf fool.

Flossing the frustrating to use Pro Tools 10. The production is a mild improvement on previous tracks. Might be useful.

No idea what key. Sorry.

Appreciate the listen though. Do hope you enjoy.

Nate Monoxide, Ziontist Soapbar

Nate Monoxide a’ capella Soap Bar

The Ziontist

…adapted to the rusty riddim and vibez instrumentals

Farisha Hague – Pages Of My Past REBRIXED

treesFarisha HaquePages Of My Past REBRIXED Farisha Haques’ pop vocals set to a mixed genre reggae, dancehall, electronic arrangement. Lots of percussions and bass. Good times. Enjoy.