Originals & rebrixes for your cringing pleasure

Category: music

  • Could’a Felt Good

    Dark upbeat offerings. Some pop-ism/trap-ism/trip hop-ism mixed with rampant reference to a “dark side” About 160 BPM. That tone deaf fool dropping all kinds of nonsense vocals from all kinds of made up octaves. Sounds ok. Hope you enjoy.

  • Miss Lady

    She is the one. Little /pop/r&b-ish/can’t finish/. About 180 BPM. Key…still no fuqing idea. That Tone deaf fool offering some more vocal love. Enjoy

  • Just a little bit off…

    Another crappy pop/reggae/something. About 180 BPM. Key…no idea. Vocals from that Tone deaf fool. Roughly 2+ mins of  garbage lyrics. Enjoy download

  • Marisol Angelique-Still Not Sorry, a hipster re-brix

    An attempt at remastering the track. Adjusted base tuning and add variations. More filters. Not perfect, but a better listen.

  • Do it again

    Pop/R&B-ish. About 190 bpm. Double time for the win. Based on Project 62. Key A-min. Terrible vocals. Nonsense lyrics. The usual. Hope you enjoy.

  • Got to run

    Pop/reggae-ish here again. A Silly 4+ mins track dedicated to telling someone about a pending exit. Go creativity. About 180 bpm. A-Maj (I think). Hope you enjoy.