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Originals & rebrixes for your cringing pleasure.

Category: music

  • Project 90

    Project 90

    Not sure what to call this, but it clocks in at 140 BPM, no vocals yet and cheesy A.F. Hope you find useful, thanks for listening



    Another goofy 128 BPM abomination for you to cringe to. Vocals and ad libs from that tone def fool, layered on top of Project 89.

  • Project 89 intrumentals

    Project 89 intrumentals

    Proof I have no idea what I’m doing. Had plans to drop some vocals but decided nah. End result is another OK project for your listening pleasure. Featuring the Sitala – Free drum kit via Elements Modular Plugin Host on ProTools 10. A tad bit unstable, but works nonetheless. Hope you find interesting.

  • Emilyn – Shelter

    Emilyn – Shelter

    Emilyn’s cover of Porter Robinson’s – Shelter, layered on top of Project 88. Vocals by Emilyn.Soundcloud: emilynmusicInstagram: emilynsuSample

  • Project 88

    Project 88

    Inspiration a challenge to come by these days. This crap is all I got right now. Had to learn the DAW plus stock instruments all over again. End result, this little dance pop thingy. Hope you find useful.

  • Project 87

    Project 87

    Another 120bpm addition to the collection. Pro tools 10 stock, A1TriggerGate and iZotope’s Ozone. All poorly implemented, but you get the idea. A conversation interrupted is what comes to mind when listening to this arrangement. Hope you enjoy.