“Arm me” days

Strolling in at about 80 bpm. A lazy hip hop thing built around a simple hook.
Featuring off key vocals from the one and only tone deaf fool.
Hope you enjoy.

Project 75

A beat. Not sure what genre. About 90 bpm. No idea what key. Hard hitting snares and kicks if you are into that kind of stuff. Not really Hip Hop but close.

Hope you enjoy.

All a lie

One for the new year.

Clocking in at about 180 bpm, mellow pop track featuring terrible vocals from that tone deaf fool. Something about lies. Mostly nonsense and whatnot.

Apologies in advance for that guitar riff. It sucks….I know.

Hope you enjoy anyways.


High energy, low quality dance track featuring stock hip hop beats. Crawling in at about 95 bpm spilling repetitive off key vocal along the way.

Produced using that frustrating to implement Pro Tools 10.

Hope you enjoy.

Real Time

This poor interpretation of the 80’s pop, rock genre. Jogging in at lazy 110 bpm. Repetitive off-key vocals and whatnot thanks to that tone deaf fool.

Flossing the frustrating to use Pro Tools 10. The production is a mild improvement on previous tracks. Might be useful.

No idea what key. Sorry.

Appreciate the listen though. Do hope you enjoy.