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bang bang

Bang bang: A little track about rage. Feels good man. About 120 bpm and just over 3 mins of some OK composition. Terrible vocals contributed by that tone deaf fool. Pro Tools 10 as the DAW. Project 79: The instrumentals. Just in case the vocals hurt. Thanks for listening. Might be relatedLast CallGirls on my

She having fun I think

Lazy dance/pop track. 100bpm. Vocals mostly chorus. Protools 10 instruments used: Boom, Xpand, Vacuum, Mini Grand. Nothing fancy really Still hope you enjoy. Might be relatedGirls on my mindProject 81Beastthe noonieA word with you Ft Lollievox

A word with you Ft Lollievox

*bump*.  Mastering/mix update. Short little pop track featuring vocal samples from lollievox and this tone deaf fool. Apologies to Lollievox. She had no idea About 110 bpm. *still* Not sure what key. Original Publish date: Feb 13, 2016 @ 22:03Hope you enjoy. Might be relatedGirls on my mindSolidProject 81Beastbang bang